iOS 13 launches September 19: Complete Guide and Features

Apple will release iOS 13 on Thursday, September 19th. iOS 13 is a huge overhaul to iOS, with a long list of new features. With the release of iOS 13, Apple will make your iPhone faster, smarter and safer. New features include a QuickPath keyboard based on a gesture, a tool to block unknown callers, new photo editing tools, and a dedicated dark mode.


  • Systemwide Dark Mode
  • Revamped Photos app
  • New Photo editing interface
  • Sign in with Apple option
  • Location data limits
  • Look Around view in Maps
  • New Reminders app

About iOS 13

iOS 13 makes most of your video editing tools accessible, allowing you to rotate, crop, and apply video filters. Depending on the look you’re looking for, you can make changes to Portrait Lighting in the Camera app, moving the light closer or further away.  A fresh High-Key Mono lighting impact is also available to create monochromatic looks.

For the first time, iOS 13 introduces a streamlined, less obtrusive volume HUD, and you now have the option of downloading apps of any size over an LTE connection, untethering you from WiFi.

Apple is adding a new sign to Apple’s privacy feature that gives you a convenient and data-safe way to sign up for apps and websites. Your Apple ID can authenticate your account via Touch ID or Face ID, and developers will see a unique random ID instead of your actual information.

Apple can even produce randomized email addresses for one-time use, so you never need to give away your true email address to an app. This function includes two-factor authentication to give you even greater safety.

In order to better safeguard your privacy, there are fresh checks to limit location information shared with applications. You can only allow applications to access your location once, and when applications use your place in the background, Apple will give more notice.

New Memoji Feature


There are loads of fresh iPad characteristics such as enhanced multitasking and gestures, but the iPad software is no longer iOS iPadOS. Okay, Apple now has a fresh iPad-only operating system specifically intended for its tablets.

ipad os ios13

With iOS 13, Apple is back on Google’s Android 10 in a never-ending fight for the most strong, private, and easy-to-use OS. Sounds dramatic, but with Android on about 90 percent of the world’s devices, Apple’s job has been cut to keep its status and reputation.

iOS 13 vs. Android 10: How Apple and Google match up

On one hand of the table, iOS 13 involves a system-wide dark mode, more privacy controls, and a set of changes intended to make the iPhone more safe and easier to use. On the other hand, Google’s Android 10 also introduces dark mode, privacy concentrate, and helpful AI enhancements.

With the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max Pro just announced, we’ll soon see the newiOS software absorbed into your hardware. And if you’ve got a Pixel phone, the latest Google software is your truth.

This implies that we base this comparison on the shipping version of Android 10 and the near-shipping version of iOS 13. After the final version of iOS 13 is out, we’re going to have the final Android 10 battle.


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